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Our team believes you don’t have to spend a fortune to eat healthy. That's why our affordable end-to-end service has you covered. We all work hard to ensure your nutrition comes first.

About Us

Mary J. Sharp RN

Owner, Medical Team,

Certified Wellness Coach

I did the Ideal Protein protocol in Avon in 2010. I lost 40+ pounds and 48 inches in 5 months. It is not just about the number on the scale, it was about successfully completing the program and maintaining my weight loss since 2011. After having phenomenal success, I became a Certified Wellness Coach and member of the medical team in 2011. As a Registered Nurse, I, with our other medical team members, review client’s medical histories and interacted with physicians, as needed, to ensure their safe and successful outcomes on the Ideal Protein protocol. I have witnessed hundreds of clients who report decreases in medicines and improved health related to issues cause by being overweight. The science of Ideal Protein’s weight loss protocol is sound and internationally recognized by the medical community for over 40 years. Our new protocol not only is for weight loss but also for long term success. Andrew and I purchased Ideal Healthy Weight Loss LLC in 2019. Together we operate weight loss clinics in Avon and Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Andrew H. Sharp

Owner, Certified Wellness Coach, Manager

I have co-owned Ideal Healthy Weight Loss with my wife, Mary, since 2019. I handle many of the managerial functions of IHWL, and also coach. An attorney for 30 years, I stepped away from law to co-manage IHWL because of my belief in the Ideal Protein protocol and the critical need it fills. In addition, I work as Deputy Program Director for the Hartford Consortium for Higher Education, a non-profit that helps high school students navigate the college application process.

Avon Team

Perri Clemmenson

Certified Wellness Coach

Glastonbury Team

Jackie Fontaine

Certified Wellness Coach

"I had a wonderful, and eye opening experience as a client in 2013. When I decided to accept the package offered from the airline I had been with for 35 years, I asked my coach if she felt there was room for me as a coach. I was interested in working with people and hoping to share with them this exciting way of eating and getting healthy. The rest is history. I have never looked back, and I am still tremendously enjoying being a wellness coach."

Carole Adams

Certified Wellness Coach



Joan Kate


"I Lost 37 lbs in 2011. Since 2011, I have done several restarts to keep those unwanted pounds off.

As part of the administrative team, I enjoy supporting the coaches and being part of a team that helps our clients achieve their weight loss goals."

Adrianne Kate-Sanchez

Administrative Team/Certified Coach (Inactive)

"My first weight loss was 45 lbs. Then pregnancy happened. On my most resent re-start I lost 50 lbs.

I enjoy being an administrative assistant because it allows me to be involved with helping people on their wellness journey since I've transitioned from coaching."